Our engineering

A combination of innovation and quality

The engineering behind BELLANI machines represents a perfect balance between science and innovation. It is this commitment to excellence that makes us one of the leading companies in the industrial machinery sector.

If you are looking for industrial edge polishing machines that represent excellence in terms of quality, performance and reliability, look no further. Discover the advanced engineering behind BELLANI machines, a perfect combination of science, technology and art.

Advanced Materials for
Superior Performance

One of the secrets of the success of BELLANI machines is the use of high quality materials. Our metal alloys and chemical-resistant polymers not only guarantee extraordinary performance, but also durability over time.

Software and
Integrated Management Systems

It’s not just a matter of hardware. BELLANI machine management software is designed to provide optimal control and real-time monitoring, thanks to solutions developed in-house

Strong, on all materials and thicknesses



Versatility has always been one of the strong points of BELLANI machines. Designed to tackle a variety of tasks, these high-quality machines can work on a wide range of materials ranging from marble, granite, limestone, quartz, composite materials and ceramics; constantly adapting to market demands.

Regardless of the machine model you choose, the range of thicknesses that BELLANI machines can handle is remarkable. For example, the SUPERMODULO edge polisher is able to work on slabs or blocks with a maximum thickness of 10 cm, while the MICRON model can handle variable thicknesses between 10 and 40 mm.

Research and Development:
The Engine of Innovation

Our dedication to Research and Development is what allows us to remain an industry leader. Our engineers work incessantly to bring BELLANI machines to new levels of excellence, without touching what most distinguishes us; strong mechanics tested over the years, made with quality materials and without giving in to the logic of making the machines lighter at any cost, giving up the final quality of the product.

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